Road Crew Jacket


• Limited Edition of 40 Pieces
• Hand Painted Serial Number
• 100% Organic Cotton 12,5oz Black/Black Selvage Denim
• Black treads of all seams
• Oxidized black trims
• Pentagram Button Fly
• Riveted pockets
• Workwear straight fit
• Pre-washed (rinse wash)


Road Crew Uniform – An everyday outfit casted in honor of one of the most important but frequently underrated figures of rock n ‘roll.

The fits – a relaxed straight leg jeans and a work jacket, both suitable for selvage denim.
For those of you who don’t know what a selvage denim is I’ll just tell you that is denim made in a more traditional and better way. They are produced by shuttle looms who are the original way of producing denim. These are much slower than modern looms what makes authentic selvage denim too much expensive to mass production. Shuttle looms typically make heavier fabrics that are very tightly woven, more durable and they are produced in one yard wide strips. The white edge on the inseam of the jeans is a signature of this kind of denim.

This fabric is 100% ORGANIC COTTON BLACK/ BLACK 12,5oz SELVAGE DENIM certified by GOTZ® with both warp and weft dyed in black. Because the yarns are rope dyed in black sulpur dye, the core remains white which gives it similar fading characteristics as indigo. This means that it behaves like an indigo fabric in the way it fades and looks after wearing. The more you wear them the better they will look!
We advise you to use them as long as possible  before the first wash in order to make them worn-out naturally, giving rise to beautiful contrasts and creating your own aged look.

When you decide to wash this jacket you have two options. If you want them to look more aged, wash them straight (you can wash them normally in the washing machine avoiding mixing them with other clothes of different colors but black).
If you prefer to keep its blackness and get no more than some contrasting nuances, wash them inside-out. In either case you should let them hang-dry at normal temperature. Remember not to fold them when hanging in order to avoid unwanted marks.

We have pre-washed these styles (simple domestic wash) to make the denim break-in so you can feel total comfort from day one.


S, M, L, XL

Washing Instructions:
Wash inside out and in low temperatures (30ºC / 86ºF)
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Don't iron the printed area in the outside.
Natural drying is recommended.
Don't fold them when drying!
You should never iron them directly in printed areas!